I’m a record producer / songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California.
I work with major and independent artists to fulfill their artist production needs.

Bio Houston, TX born Dean Dichoso comes from a family of classical musicians and medicine. He is a classical pianist, guitarist, bassist, electronic composer, songwriter, producer, and artist branding specialist. Now based out of Los Angeles, CA, he has been paramount in developing and producing indie and major artists at various studios around the city. Dean has been known to severely span genres and create productions that are considered anywhere from eviscerating to cinematic to hyper minimalist. He has produced, engineered, and/or mixed for such artists as Fefe Dobson, Eleven Past One, Sikora, Super Black Market, Candiria, Sirah, Family Force 5, TAT (UK).

Los Angeles - California

Reel May 2014

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Reel May 2014

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